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these are the seeds from a dandelion


seeds of wisdom, love and living
seeds that fall from hearts of giving
seeds that help new life to grow
seeds that lessons from the journey show

from Momma, who fought her whole life thru
and is finding her way to strength brand new
from Grandma, the first I knew of love
simple and brave, surely from above

from all the parents I have known
living, guiding, loving shown
from others without whom
I couldn’t have made this life bloom

from my sisters who have known joy and sorrow
they always get up to face tomorrow
from my brothers who have faced tremendous pain
and still got up to walk again

from my children, who’ve seen me morph this cocoon
who will come to use these seeds someday soon
from my friends who remained by my side
even along their own tumultuous tide

from my lovers who have seen this coming of age
and have left me to dance alone on life’s stage
from my own life I draw this wisdom’s refrain
the challenges, laughter, joy and pain

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