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miracles that are mine


there was a dove, on the rail
a pink ad, in the mail

the voice said, “John 14”
friend with food, unseen

found love, gave my heart away
for a child, He kept death at bay

at long last a hug, from a brother
the sweetest hug, joy from another

a mission statement, a tuition paid
Passover, on the house 2 trees laid

dreams of Jesus, filled with hope
a lonesome night, a stomach pumped of dope

a makeshift rope, a hospital bed
a pistol held, to my own head

a rustling heard, in the leaves
a wondrous moment, someone believes

a chest, that needed filled
a horrible secret, closely concealed

these are some times, when God spoke
to a forsaken heart, that was broke

He said He wasn’t finished with me yet
if you hold on something better before you I will set

it wasn’t riches, or glory He meant
but a lifetime, better spent

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