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55 million a testament to children


this will probably be the most controversial and painful poem i  have ever written. while i understand and know that people will and can believe what they want to i am totally convinced in the sanctity of life and have a  great hope for the salvation of even the weakest of humankind. after the  poem i have a little writing that i would hope would stir up a challenge to your beliefs – so you will consider and know more truthfully what you believe.  believing means nothing if it’s someone else’s faith, we must find our own to be recognized as individuals. this number is just in north america alone.

55 million

55 million they said
the number of children dead

55 million babies never to cry
the number of babies made to die

55 million children never to learn
the number of children made to burn

55 million teenagers never to rebel
the number of children condemned to hell

55 million parents never to be
the number will not multiply by three

55 million voters never to see
the number not allowed to be free

55 million hearts never again to beat
the number not given life complete

55 million better off dead?
the number by choice they said

55 million lie in the mud
the number written in the mother’s blood

there have been at least this many abortions in america alone, which are the ones actually counted. it was once the most common form of birth control available in the soviet union, when contraceptives were not readily available. in china still today women are  forced to abort any child after the first live/living child is born, even to the physical destruction of women who are found at any term in their pregnancy, including 9 month deliveries, the women are forced to abort or deliver onto the ground or in buckets of water and the children are immediately killed. these are just some of the horror stories that i have read, there are surely more.

what i challenge is this: in 150 years what will archaeologists find in our landfills, how many mass graves of tiny  skeletons will they find? surely it will be as horrific as finding the graves left from the holocaust and those of fallen soldiers left in the fields after war. not all of the aborted are cremated and even then the skeleton does not completely disintegrate. what will they think of us? surely mankind has met an epidemic more severe than any plague, any black death or pandemic outbreak. where do they go? and even if you don’t believe they have a soul, surely they count for something.

i have recently learned that there is a massive crematorium for aborted children in North Carolina, which leaves me very disturbed and humbled at what has become of the desire to completely destroy these babies. which i believe is an effort to hide the truth and alleviate guilt.


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