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seed: what Christ gave up for us


We all know that Christ sacrificed His life for us, but do we realize what He really gave up? He gave up angels falling at His feet, His every whim catered too, His time with those who died whom He has loved and enjoyed being with like Adam and Noah and Elijah. He gave up never being poor, never being hungry, never being alone or lonely, He gave up never being betrayed by His closest friends.

He gave up His precious time with His Father and the Holy Spirit even though they were with Him it wasn’t the same. He gave up having a bed, having authority, having a home, He gave up never having to be tempted or belittled. He gave up so much not just His life. We have a remarkable and amazing Savior. I doubt that I could even give up a couple of those things and never once whine about it, which He did not whine about it. Awesome.

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