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i just gotta get this off my chest


think about the video…a kid tells on other kids for drugs and they wait until he is in a trapped environment to attack…these older kids want their fancy clothes that hang around their ankles, buy their expensive hats and jewelry etc. and all of it with drug money… the younger kid put a thorn in their side….the older kids actually trapped him and jumped over each other to beat him down to the ground and after a good minute or so the bus driver finally puts a call in, in the video the older kids are wearing sagging jeans and are naked underneath

now think – these 3 kids have probably intimidated the driver and the rest of the kids many times before, probably carried weapons and other devices in the past and probably “beat” or scared the crap out of other kids on the bus and at school…which in turn gives them “power”

they used that power to show everyone they won’t be messed with… they are getting mixed messages from all of their “heroes” like jz, kanye, and a feel bad for all the black kids president, who in turn has a massive security detail around his kids

if the 3 were adults and they should be treated as such, and did this to another adult there would be assault and battery charges filed and they would be put on trial and this video (may or may not be allowed into evidence on technicalities) would a jury of their peers actually want to throw the book at them?

i feel like the 3 would have killed the boy or darn near it if he was in a secluded spot and that has not been mentioned at all

i think Obama has gotten a lot of flack for his trayvon remarks and taken heat in the polls for speaking out and is separating himself from all of these issues

i don’t think all black kids are bad, actually most are good and i am sure there were other kids that were black on the bus that also were they were afraid to intervene

i feel like this is more about the drug issue than the color issue

my son was horrifically bullied for years in elementary and middle school and i constantly complained…the very last time it happened i told the principal about it and suggested i would file assault and battery charges…after that my son was followed around by a teacher and the school began a policy of suspending kids and also sending them to a juvenile detention center….luckily between 8th and 9th grade my son grew about 6 inches and carrying around a 50 pound backpack everyday gave him some scary big muscles and no one messed with him again

i think the school should start a no sagging rule and a more restrictive dress code one in which the kid gets sent home if they don’t comply

i think the 3 should be tried as adults and if not be sent to a juvenile detention center and/or a very regimented boys facility

i think the boys parents should be made to go to enforced family counseling and all of them put on probation until they reach 18 and the parents also sent to parenting classes for violent children

i think that the boys should be made to wear monitors and put on house arrest with limited movement and home schooled and so should other intimidating and violent students

i applaud this poor kid for standing up for what he believes in and did you notice he sat very close to the driver, indicating to me that he really was afraid

what people didn’t hear the cop say, or maybe overlooked, is that the bus driver actually let the boys off the bus, which gave them the chance to run

now if i were the driver and had kids like this on my bus, i would have attempted to seat them in the front seat or refuse riding privileges, based solely on what i assume they have done in the past…i would have sat down in the seat by the kid to see if he was okay – i don’t care if my job was on the line, or how old or fragile i am, or that i am a woman..i simply would step in – and maybe if he had the boys who did back off when the driver finally got up would have moved farther back

so many “sue”aholics are destroying the school system, costing tons of money to the community with their back off, hands off approach…i may not have touched the criminals but i darned sure would have picked the boy off the ground and made him feel secure, that the bus driver didn’t “intervene” at all is sickening

and i wonder if the race issue does come in when you know the bus driver is also black and may not want to help a white kid, after all the media hype that has been going on, i think many black and white people are afraid of being criticized or labeled as racist….this really has to do with human dignity and the 3 older ones pretty much raped everyone on that bus of their innocence, their security and safety, and their self-worth and in truth i think everyone on that bus should be in some kind of counseling situation just as kids are that have some shoot out or sudden death of friends are

this will not go away and will continue unless more people stand behind their outrage and do something…speak up, not just on here but at town hall meetings, pta meetings and straight to the teachers and principals…they know it’s going on, but they won’t do anything until they are shoved into it

something else i would like to know is if stevie wonder and jayz and all those “outraged” and disgusted famous people boycotting Florida have taken their merchandise and their videos and their houses on miami beach and all their other stuff from Florida as well…and do they realize the smut they sing about and shout about being their rights is causing young fathers to buy their crap instead of paying their child support or taking care of their know because they keep pushing sex down our kids throats – instead of promoting responsibility they are unleashing evil in all media sources that kids are tuned into

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