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seed: when i cry


why do we cry for answers, but don’t listen when they come?
why do we shout out at people or God that were mad, but never when we’re happy?
why do we blame others for our situation, but don’t try to fix it ourselves?
why do i give and give and give, but no one gives back?
why do i cry if no one wipes my tears, and no one listens?
why do i keep expecting them to?

i listen, and cry with you
i pray, and share my wisdom with you
i try, to be the shoulder you need to lean on
i give, and i give and i give anything i have to you
i cry, and it’s for your pain
i help, and i want to make it go away for you

when, will you hear my problems?
when, will you give until you have nothing left?
when, will you be the shoulder i need?
when, will you see that i need you too?
when, will you pray for me?
when, will you understand?

i can’t stop loving, it’s a part of me
i can’t stop trying, it’s who i am
i can’t stop praying, it’s the answer
i can’t stop loving, i don’t want to
i can’t stop listening, it’s impossible
i can’t stop, i hear you


From → Faith, My Life, Poetry, Seed

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