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wisdom and common sense


First off let me say that this is my wisdom and my common sense, it is different from yours and it is different from the wisdom that the Bible talks about, though it is somewhat influenced by both. Also all of my wisdom and common sense is subject to change with growth and life experiences. Wisdom can sometimes stand the test of time, but not in every subject. I list the wisdom toward children first because it affects the future. The rest of my wisdom and common sense is in no particular order.

Love God first. Talk to Him first. Mention Him first. Think about Him first. Thank Him first. Praise Him first. Everything else will take care of itself.

If a child gives you a flower treat it like it’s a million dollars. The look on your face will make them want to keep giving. The look on their face will make your day.

Raise your children with the same dignity you expect them to have when they grow up.

Celebrate your child every day, tomorrow they go away.

When your spouse is talking; turn off the television. When your child is talking turn off the world.

When you are fishing and you catch a good one, before he tries to get away, snap the hook and reel him in. The same goes with a child, always let the line be slack, but be ready to snap it back.

If you get in an argument with someone you love, remind yourself how you will feel tomorrow when you have to look at yourself in the mirror and realize you hurt them. If it happens too many times, can you really wonder why they left?

Recycle kisses, hugs and smiles, they never go out of style and everybody needs one.

Some days you try and don’t succeed. Some days you try, and then there is tomorrow.

Some days are good days and some days are bad days.

Some days you spend feeling sorry that it’s so bad. Some days you are okay and it’s not so bad.

Some days you cry. Some days you cry, and there is tomorrow.

Some days you smile.

Some days there is pain, and then there is tomorrow and it’s not really a choice you will be changed. Your outlook is the choice.

Some days there’s rain, then there is a rainbow.

Some days you live through the bad dreaming about how good it will be.

Some day you will wake up and it will be tomorrow and you will make it how good it will be. You won’t see the bad things, because you will be concentrating on the good.

Even on the darkest, dreariest days look up and you will see a glorious mass that has become a raging storm cloud, on any other day if you look up, that same raging storm cloud will look like a fluff ball of cotton.

You will never walk the same path twice, never read the same book twice, never say I love you the same way twice, and you will never want to say forgive me twice.

If you keep running into the same wall over and over again, turn.

If you don’t look through the peep hole, you can answer the door with a smile.

Too really make someone’s day, when they call you, answer in a still, sweet voice. Answer with a perky hello, and you will take them by surprise. Answer with a “what do you want” you will get the same thing back.

Always offer your company a smile, a drink and the best seat in the house.

When you start losing that loving feeling, make a list of all those things you love about them and paste it everywhere. Repeat those things often enough and you won’t have time for the losing stuff.

Treat your spouse better than you treat your Mom. Treat your child like you treat your Grandpa. When you do all of that; it is okay to treat yourself the same.

Always be specific when talking to a genie or praying to God. The genie will just confuse you. God will answer you His own way. Say to God, I want a white car, that’s a 5 speed, that gets at least 30 mpg, that runs well and doesn’t need to be fixed, that I can afford to take care of, that will get me where I need to go and has room for me and the kids, I only have $500 dollars to spend…and wait, expecting and  believing…He delivered one to my door, free, from a friend who lives 1100 miles away.

When you make a New Year’s resolution…remember it is a promise and you will feel guilty for breaking that promise. Instead set a goal, I will read one Bible verse a day, I will say thank you God everyday, and I will tell someone I love them everyday.

Every time you leave them, or they leave you..Hug them and say I love you, every time you go to bed…hug them and say I love you..You never know when that will be your last message to them, you must do this especially when you are in a heated argument.

When you fight with someone, think about how you would feel to be attacked with those same words. You won’t be so likely to say them, when you have to eat them. When someone yells at you like that, realize it comes from hurt and probably just misunderstanding, let them say it and then say okay let’s talk about it in 10 minutes. Go to your room and pray for them and yourself. Tell yourself to shut up and listen, you are about to hear from someone’s heart.

When you are out of line, always apologize and take the blame. Never give excuses for actions, especially those you should have prevented.

If you get out of bed and put your shoes on, you won’t want to go back there. If you get up and never take your pajamas off, you’ll never wake up.

Never drive the car when you get that horrible ripping pain in your stomach, you just won’t make it.

Never believe a fart won’t stink if you can’t hear it, they are even more deadly.

Never leave the dishes set for too many nights in a row. Load the sink with hot soapy water, come back every once in a while and see how many you can wash in 5 minutes, then come back later and try again, and then they’ll be done.

When you wash clothes, wash the towels with the socks and sweats. Always wash the jeans alone. Wash the rest of the laundry in two loads, one for heavier and darker clothes and one for the softer and lighter clothes. If you have something special don’t wash it in any of those loads.

If you are making cookies, cakes, Quiche or pizza preheat the oven for 10 minutes, anything else just throw it in there. If you are making several in a row, reduce the temperature 25°degrees and shorten the time by 5 minutes for the next batch.

Parchment paper and aluminum foil are a cooks best friends.

You really don’t have to be spotless, germ free and immaculate. Let someone else be.

At the end of the summer, when you find a good sale, if its clothing think 9 months from now, will the child fit in it. When you see something for your home, think of next week and will you like it so much when you have to clean it. When you see something fancy and you just got to have it, think about how you will feel when something happens to it. Is it still worth it? then get it.

If you take 5 minutes a couple times a day to pick up around the house, at the end of the day, you will have less to do and more time to relax.

If you don’t like people calling you at all hours, don’t get a phone, because they will call.

When you are 5 you look around and everyone is a giant. When you are 10 you look around and wish you weren’t so little. When you are 15 you look around and want to be 20. When you are 30 you want to be 20. When you are 45 you want to be 20. When you are 60, 45 sounds pretty good. When you are 80, 65 sounds good. When you are 90, heaven sounds good, and again everyone is a giant.

You should always have an extra place at your table.

Make sure you water your cat, dog and plants everyday.

Peanut butter will take the gum out of your hair, and the power out of a 3 year old.

Always check the oil and water in the engine, because when you hear the ticking it’s too late.

Make a list of all your bills, the name, the address, the account number and password, the phone number and what you promise to pay, and if there is a special representative you like keep their name too. If you keep it on your computer, you can update it right away. When you have to go away, someone else can step right in, keep a prayer with them and read it every time you pay your bills.

Keep all your records in two places. The official copy locked up in a safe and a copy to keep with that list of your bills.

Keep a good record of all your prolonged illnesses, diseases and medications. Keep a prayer with them. Let someone know where it is, just in case.

It’s best to keep the area around your computer and your main chair clean.

Don’t buy the scratchy blankets; inevitably they will end up next to your skin.

Grandma was blind. She always did the dishes. Dunk it, scrub it, rub it and rinse it. That’s how you get the stuff you can’t see off.

Mustard, eggs, ketchup and peanut butter don’t have to be in the refrigerator, everything else does.

Buy hamburger in bulk, take a day to fry it up, freeze it in separate bags and it will cut down your cooking time.

Always buy the long skinny carrots. They are cheaper than the baby ones, quicker to peel than the larger ones and you don’t have to cut them to eat them.

You will always cry when you cut onions. If you don’t have a secret technique, you will cry. If you do have a secret technique you will cry because you didn’t cry.

Indoor cats are wonderful, but expect everyone to smell them, and be prepared to clean the stink box.

If you are going to have a dog, be worthy and walk it.

When you read a really great book tell someone about it, especially if it’s the Bible.

Always put rice in the salt shaker. Always keep the holes in the pepper shaker clean.

A good meal is even better when shared with someone who’s hungry.

When something really cool pops into your head, write it down as fast as possible.

When you have a really great story idea or stream of thoughts, if you follow it and it comes to a great conclusion, and you forget half of it by the time you get to writing it down, do this: start by making a list of the words you remember, then the phrases, then the thoughts, put them in order and most if not all of it will come back to you. If it was really important, you probably kept it somewhere in there for future use.

It’s okay to cry, even if no one else understands. If you see someone crying be kind and ask if you can help, even if you just listen. Even strangers desire this, maybe they don’t have anyone listening.

Always be on call for Jesus. Sometimes He sends someone to the door, sometimes it’s in the store and sometimes it is on the phone. Be vigilant.

If your kid is screaming his head off in the grocery store or in the car on a trip, turn around, leave the store and go home. They will get the message if you don’t buy groceries you don’t eat. If you don’t behave you don’t make it to Disney World. It’s a hard lesson and sometimes if you want sanity, you will just have to go to the grocery store at 3 in the morning when your husband and the kids are all asleep. If they calm down and ask to try again the next day, if it’s even possible reward them by trying to go on the trip again. If that fails too, go next year. They earned it either way.

If you are in the store and a parent is screaming at their child. Don’t speak to the child, distract the parent, ask them their idea on how to cook something, what color shirt looks best, tell them you just love their shoes, whatever…you are simply helping them to time out and think about something less problematic. If the kid is whining he will usually be too nosy and want to listen, or he’ll shut up because mom or dad is distracted.

Always open the door for the elderly and offer to load their groceries in the car. Show them that chivalry is not dead and there is hope for the young people.

When your adult child calls you out of the blue, it is two things, they are missing you like crazy and they want your advice or they are down on their luck and need your advice and maybe some cash.

The best discipline is consistency. The best punishment for a child under five is redirection, the best punishment for a child 5 to 10 is alone time. The best punishment for preteens and tweens and teens is a two hour lecture on sex or something totally embarrassing and if that fails take these things in procession first the physical freedom, then the phone, then the computer, then the music. If all that fails start the chores, first the bathroom, then the yard, then the garage, then the laundry. They will usually come around.

If your kid gets caught drinking, take the car away for a YEAR. If your kid’s caught doing drugs, alcohol or abusing themselves or someone else take them directly to jail or counseling, don’t wait for them to end up in the hospital or dead or on trial for hurting someone.

The easiest way to shut up a teenager in the car on the way to or from school, is put them on the bus, if you can’t do that put in a talking book cd or some old time music, take the power of influence away from them, that’s what they do when they put headphones on.

Let’s face it you just can’t save every precious thing your child makes for a school project. Today, we are lucky enough to take a picture, sometimes from all sides, and save it on a computer, always go back and date it or label it so you can know what time in their life it was. Today it’s possible to take those moments and make a movie or screen saver of them. Again save it in at least 2 places. Never save the negatives with the pictures, just in case.






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