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America: The Fat Lady


The fat lady is what the world sees America as. The place where money means everything, can do anything, but isn’t worth two cents. Our economy is shot and we have to pay attention. The world is waiting for America to fall. We can not let that happen. So this is my proposal on how to take our freedom back.

First lets look at the world order, 1st there is communism – where the government owns everything and all the people are dependent on it. Whatever advances the people make, they are simply the countries achievement not the individual. 2nd there is socialism – where the government owns and/or controls primarily all business and most life necessities, like healthcare. 3rd there is extreme impoverishment – where there are some people extremely rich and most people barely living. 4th – there is capitalism. Capitalism is a relatively new form of order and it will either make it or it will break…

America is a capitalist country that has been planted with the root of all evil. In her people’s drive to succeed that have literally run out of money and are living off of the world of communism. We are essentially seen as the fat lady, someone who charges her purchases, devours everything she gets her hands on, and refuses to exercise, and eventually becomes ill and dies.

This is my analogy of the situation. America has put all her eggs in one basket. China is carrying the basket and holding hands with her best friend, India. China is dating Russia and flirting with the rest of the world. China is growing by leaps and bounds, her population is higher than anyone else’s and the next largest population is India’s. Guess what they are going to eat at the picnic. They are going to eat us, the USA will be their Easter celebration and we will have boiled, colored ourselves in red-white-and-blue, and placed our own selves in her hands.

There is only one very long and arduous passage that can get us out of that basket. We have to start now to reclaim ourselves. We have to return to our roots. Government has to be purged of evil. Big businesses have to be rebuilt inside the States. There can be no more out-sourcing; we must have the employment for our own people for this to work. Doing this would only be the first couple of steps. The end round and maybe the deciding factor for our future is finding a new industry, that the world will crave and come to America to buy.

Right now the biggest industry we have is entertainment; the second biggest industry is politics, followed by the media. The entertainment is proving to be successful, but can be more useful. The politics is strangling our economy. The media is so centered on political correctness and divisiveness that it is literally shredding our faith in humanity. Their is very little true Journalism left. The entertainment industry can help in a large way, by producing in the USA and not taking their movies and videos to other countries. Yes to be shared there, not to be made there. There is no need to find beautiful landscapes like Ireland; we have our own rolling hills, pastures and meadows. There is no need to go to Iceland or Russia or any other cold climate…simply wait until winter and you will all the snow and cold you need, visit Idaho, Montana and Minnesota to name just a few.

Politics should not be an industry, it should be an inevitability. We need government that works, that represents us not runs us. What we really need is a new industry. A new invention, a new discovery, in healthcare, in automotive, in architecture and engineering, in science and medicine and maybe in education. We need to find a new identity and bring the world to our door again. We had the first car lines, we were this first on the moon, we were the top of the world in entertainment, people still come from around the world to our schools, and corporations around the world still hire our young people.

Media has to be stopped dead in it’s tracks. Gossip-mongering is not healthy for our livelihoods, for our children and for truth in advertising. How can Americans know what is happening in America if the stories being told are hampered by big businesses, that own the papers. The interests of the people are not being reported and thereby stymying any chance we have of growth.

It is simply time to catch a ride on the Easter bunny’s back and high tail it out of that picnic. Then America will be America, we will make our own way, use our economy, provide food for our country and the world again, and make first steps into the future. It is time to make and claim capitalism as a world order and not a road to destruction.


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