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October 9, 2013


makes me wonder why the president had to set up no-free speech-zones around himself and his comrades…o wait could it have anything to do with almost 2 million bikers show up on your front lawn? i think this will have been the most prolific month in the history of protests and they have all been peaceful, and they didn’t have to be drugged out of their minds like they were in the 70’s

He gave us freedom, we took it and ran ourselves into the ground and He literally had to flood the earth to be done with us, Again and again He sent one man and sometimes when that man was weak a brother to warn us..Abraham, Noah, Moses, David, Joshua, etc, He let us go again and again and let us face the consequences for up to 40 years at a time, sometimes we lived on manna, finally we became so drunk on stupidity it one who was God Himself to fix it, and since we have followed the same path as our early brethren – kept going from aggressive religious freedom, to assertive to passive and complacent…we are once again complacent and once again He is warning us by the mouth of His elite that are paying attention…on our borders is another lesson about to happen…this time salvation will be Christ again, surely it will take a rapture to save us from ourselves this time


obama gave a speech about how muslim religion has been a core element in the new world…you know since 1776 but think about it…the pilgrims and pioneers both traveled with one book and one book has been the sole companion until around 1900’s when other “religions” started to swamp America…the Bible was the only book many homes had and it was the foundation for early settlers to teach their children from when there were no schools..this book taught them how to read and write and this is the book they would memorize and keep in their hearts…if you think about it, the Bible probably KJV was a binding tie to all education and now when we have separated it from education the education system has gone down hill rather quickly…students in the 8th grade realistically knew more than college students today…makes you wonder why it is so easily rejected…also since the time around the world wars, women went to work first while men were being drafted and then they never went home again…and business started sending our jobs overseas…these 3 things have led to homelessness, actual dumbness, family values being plummeted to disastrous levels, and religion being left behind, and government has grown by leaps and bounds like it is an industry of it’s own…we need to go back to the Bible, back to celebrating families and family values…it needs to be okay to have stay at home mommies and home schooling needs not to be looked down on – that’s the only place a lot of children will find Christian values, and if they don’t want Christ in the home ethics and morals should stand in every heart…everything about this led us to men like obama being allowed to lead us…

sometimes mental illness can make a person a great philosopher…my dad and i, but today i came up with this on abortion…specifically because a political candidate i wont endorse with this post wants to make 9 month abortions legal in Texas “if life starts at birth, does that mean we have to put a full term baby into a woman to make it a viable birth? worthy of saving? they are so stupid, you can not grow a baby outside of the womb, it is life whether they want to say it or not”

one man said “I am the voice in the wilderness and soon after Christ came to the wilderness to meet the man, who was his family…America was called the wilderness and only stands to make me wonder how long until Christ comes again into the wilderness to get His family

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