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for our liberty


I wrote this poem with and from a thankful and humble reflection on what we fought so diligently to end for ourselves. Yes, our freedom was gained at the Native American’s detriment…I can only add; and not as a defense, for can there be one? Knowing full well what we took, we should not loose it once again…I tell you that if the first American’s were England’s there would probably not even be a remnant, we didn’t fight the first fights and now lets not give up our only rights. We fought of course from great desperation, we declared our unalienable rights, let there not be another separation…

from tyranny’s evil clutches

we fought those stinkin’ dutch’s


in our daily, nightly ravages

we fought those crazy savages

they showed up in their fancy coats

we fought those bossy red coats


in our hunger to be free

we fought, and took their liberty


we take what we know is yours

we fought, to the reserves, close the doors


we spread from sea to yonder seaside

we fought, we won, it is our pride


we take what we want, we were meant to

we fought so hard, its our right too


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