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my views on immigration


so i been thinking a lot about the immigration issue and here is what i’ve been coming up with: considering/factoring that there are 11 million illegals in American and most of them coming in from Mexico and Central and South America


1.   they are living in America, working sometimes shitty jobs, but still jobs americans could be doing

…..a. not paying taxes

…..b. the boss/company and them not paying into Social Security, Federal, State, County, City taxes, and                     Medicare tax

…..c. using welfare and low-income housing and community resources

…..d. reproducing like rabbits because most, comically even are against abortion and adoption and since they are illegals are consequently not under the authority of Child Protective Service  or HRS radar

2.   in large part refuse or will not participate in learning English

3.   are somehow sending their children to American schools

…..a. which taxes our school resources

…..b. overruns the classroom

…..c. limits what American children can learn because of the teachers time and language restraints – having            to slow down to teach non-English speaking students


4. are somehow moving into the business world, into “real” jobs and higher education, which further taxes american potential


5. what i see and hear in the media and in person, that they love their homeland and their heritage and very much want to have that in their lives and their offsprings upbringing


what i think should happen/dream could happen


1. the government get them bonded together in thousands not one or two here or there but major groups


2. get them/enable them to be ready to take back their country


3. send our military and these maybe 500,000 volunteer citizens to re-enter Mexico (first) and remove the drug cartels and gangs simply eliminate them, they are terrorists (at least it seems so to me)


4. our government helping to fund and rebuild their country so they have a place to return to


what i ask myself is why are we worried about terrorism in countries that are so far away when we have one at our back door?

what does it really do to a country where every couple years or so millions of illegals, who by the way could become a legal citizen if they chose to, to suddenly become citizens after having lived here for years not contributing to the country in taxes, in social security, in community service and in our armed forces


why do our soldiers have to die for illegals to enter our country?


why do our people go homeless and hungry to feed them? why do our children have to suffer to support their heritage and their livelihoods?


why do we let the criminals continue to corrupt our streets and defile our Constitution and true citizens?


how can we make obama/government/media/America see there is potential in taking back their country, thereby alleviating the stress on ours yes it would take time, but we’ve spent more than 10 years and billions of dollars in the middle east, so why not here?


my problem is that i am disabled and i can’t speak in public, it’s taken me a while just to be able to type this without too many errors…


i am wondering if you know, if you think this is even a workable idea


how to get someone like dennis michael lynch, rush limbaugh, elizabeth dole, any former president, any actor or actress in hollywood or some outspoken, very loud voices to even give this idea consideration before we simply assume 11 million more people?


i am a disabled citizen, i have to live on Social Security, i am dependent on welfare and all that that entails. i know the system and it is not fun and i don’t see how anyone would ever want to be subjected to it…my sons have worked since they were 15 because they refuse to be “stuck.” all 4 of my children have attempted and gone to college, tried to get a job and be a good influence.


even in all this inability to physically serve i have started a website devoted to getting the vote out,, this will be a place where anyone who wants to know who their representatives are, what they have voted for or against on major issues, when they are coming up for re-election and most importantly how to contact them and let your voice be heard. on this site are links to the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Preamble, The Declaration of Independence…it is still growing and it is my pro-active response…how can you help? you can find a lot of information on the Constitution at  or


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