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some possible fixes for our economy part 1


here’s my agenda for America

1.  no obamacare – fix Medicaid and Medicare

2.  across the board taxation with no loop holes welfare to billionaire

3.  senior citizens should get enough SSI to live on – at least  get treated better than inmates (who have free food, health/dental care, free cable tv, free a/c, free clothing, etc.), with free access to nursing care for the elder infirmed

4.  one bill on  a bill, not 10, not 20 just 1

5.  congress is a job not a career, no lobbying – make the congressman do his, each bill over a certain amount of dollars should be made public with a registered picture voter id# so the citizens can make their voice heard, this should not be “classified” it’s our country and our government, it needs to serve us, each congressman should be in their states respectively at least 3 months out of the year – giving John Q. Public access to him/her

6.any bill that amends the constitution should be on a majority vote at the presidential election after having been made fully accessible to the public for at least 6 months reviewing time

7.aliens should be deported or appropriately fined for all unpaid taxes, SSI, medicare on federal, state and local levels – employers should be made to repay and also fined for every year evading taxation needs the truth not political correctness, college level work used to be high school level – we need to start teaching age appropriately so we can keep up with the rest of the world; majority spending needs to be schools, teachers and education instead of arts and entertainment…instead of buying a $600,000 piano for a museum make more music by teaching a child to play it, make more art by teaching a child to draw – expect  Art World to pay for their own treasures – how did Jay z get his money from us buying his music, watching his videos and going to his concerts, sports should not be higher than 25% of school budget, it is imperative that each student in the 10th grade or above know and recite the constitution, be able to read and write on grade level, be able to perform basic mathematics, be on a career path to encourage future independence…where there is a lack of funding or teachers encourage parents to volunteer in classrooms, to assist teachers, aid children with physical or learning disabilities loopholes for big business, need to encourage small business to grow again (say you buy a loaf of bread at mom & pop store $2.50 – at Wal mart the same loaf $2) but Wal mart employees don’t get 40 hours a week so they are on welfare, taxed on a different level so it ends up costing more…mom & pop gives young people a chance to get off the street – Wal mart only hires a certain number of people, mom & pop hiring depends on # of stores in the community, mom & pop gives back to the community, encourages economic growth and local area spending..profits remain in the community…businesses like Wal mart are assembling lining shopping and buying, which may be more convenient but in the long run costs the community…in the end Wal mart’s loaf of bread costs a lot more than $2.50. ben said the bread at Wal mart would be even cheaper…i said but losing the community would be the ultimate cost

10.  Medicaid – should be the same in each state so one state doesn’t get more funding than another, based on population, a general practitioner can diagnose 80% of health concerns and refer the others, pay the gp enough so he doesn’t make you come back for every complaint, same with dentists…continually enforcing repeat visits by refusing to spend time on all concerns in one visit – thus costing Medicaid more

11.  no federal funding for abortions, this is a cosmetic surgery and should be treated as such, no funding for braces, contacts, or other cosmetic necessities, there should be funding for wheel chairs, dentures, glasses, hospice care supplies and other essential life sustaining  needs

12.  free birth control, free healthcare for pregnant women and after care for 1 year (does not include dental, optical, etc.), free parenting classes

13.  welfare, SSI, SSDI, VA, HUD, Sect 8 recipients, should all be drug tested 2 times a year, unannounced, including children 12 and up, adults should be required per dollar amount to work at least 1 hour per week per $100 in the community, preferably schools, nursing care facilities, libraries and common grounds maintenance…

food should be made available on par with the WIC program, so that only certain items, such as milk, bread, tuna, hamburger, vegetables, pasta etc. would be purchased and then the food stamps can not be misused as easily

14.  anyone on the public, federal, state payroll must pass a drug test 2 a year

15.  advocacy for elderly, child and mentally ill individuals – help paying bills, getting food, getting medicine, getting to the doctor

16.  3.0 gpa first 2 years of state college free, college student after 2nd year with gpa of 3.0 eligible for reduced tuition fees, 4.0 gpa next 2 years free… student loan 7%, reduce by 3% for all active soldiers and teachers and other necessary public servants…

17.  inmates shall be given 3 sets of underclothing, 2 sets of clothing, 1 jacket and/or coat, shower shoes, outside shoes, pillow, blanket, access to library 2 hours per week, access to recreation area 1 hour per day, food, basic health care, non narcotic pharmaceuticals, access to church or worship service 1 hour per week, visitation depending on offense 2 to 4 hours per week, access to phone 2 times a week for 15 minutes, 2 times a week for 15 to call lawyer, paper and pen, all other the inmate shall provide for themselves (if my granny ain’t got cable you ain’t got cable), inmates shall be drug tested 6 times a year and time added per offense, with no parole release until time served, non-violent offender’s should be on  supervised city, state maintenance crews

18.  veteran’s benefits should be available to all long term spouses of disabled veteran’s based on percentage of disability, for home care veteran’s only, if you’ve nursed your spouse for 20 years you have saved the government so you should be helped in return

19.  Va hospitals shall appoint 1 general practitioner to each veteran and refer for only specific diagnostic testing/care…all medication shall be overseen by general practitioner so patients care is consistent, all veteran’s not eligible for va assistance shall be eligible for Medicaid as a secondary insurance

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