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Dennis Michael Lynch, Senator Ted Cruz, Chris Cox


Today it is rare to find someone willing to tell the truth, the truth not the politically correct version, the truth. Dennis Michael Lynch, Senator Ted Cruz and Chris Cox are speaking loud and clear.

This my way of contributing to something I believe in with my whole heart. We must take America back. We must rebuild our economy and seduce the world into looking to America for products and services made here in America by the hands of Americans. We need to stop capitalism being a catapult and lap dog for greed. America is not about greed it is about freedom. We can not lose sight of that.

We can not restore our economy by giving it away. We can not keep endorsing companies who send their jobs overseas. In this country we have highly intelligent, hard-working, dedicated surgeons, engineers, lawyers, business men and women and many other professionals. In this country we also have a large number of unemployed workers – hard-working people who want to get back out there. People who want to feel proud of themselves and give back to their families and communities. In this country we do have people who need to be cared for. In this country we have a very large population of stay-at-home parents who are doing a very hard job. All of these people deserve the chance to achieve the American Dream.

In this country we have hundreds of millions of people who are ready to take America back. To shutdown the government having power over us. To shutdown the “banking” industry, to shut down the foreign spending, to shut down the negative outlook people have of America.  How can we expect the world to want to come to America if we are not proud of America. So I say vote, buy American when possible and be creative if you can’t find it make it, promote businesses that use American workers and vacation in America. Sponsor the National Parks, sponsor the attractions in America.

America is beautiful…think of the pristine oceans, the rolling hills, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Mississippi – Missouri – Colorado rivers, the Native American reservations, the Grand Lake in Oklahoma, and so many more beautiful places…why not start a family tradition of visiting as many states as possible? A simple change can make a lot of difference.

Don’t forget the highest honor there is; the ability and pride to say I come from Springfield and I buy in Springfield, I go to church in Springfield…Springfield is my home and I like it that way. Springfield is my home. When we attribute the word “home” we are telling the world this is where I want to be and I would like you to be a part of it.

When is the last time you sat at an old person’s feet and listened to their story, honored what they know, where they have been? When is the last time you looked at a carload of kids and said to yourself, isn’t it great that they all hang out together, why don’t we hang out like that? When is the last time you left your home without fear? the store? or any other place? When is the last time you felt like you could trust someone? you could depend on them?

We can’t live complacent any more. We need each other. We need to lift each other up. We need to be available when someone needs us. Help paint a house, buy some groceries, babysit a child while his mother goes to school, mow the neighbor’s yard, pat a soldier on the back, buy a coffee for a police officer, shed a tear for the neighborhood fire fighter. We can make a difference in our “little” sphere while endorsing someone we trust to do the bigger work. To speak for us in Congress. To spread the word about things that we want to end, like illegal immigration, like drug trafficking, like child abuse, like bullying. If we do it in our home, school, and community, on our level and they do it on a national level and together we make change happen.

All this leads me to the title of this post. People like Dennis and Chris Cox and Senator Ted Cruz are regular people speaking with a national voice…they are not out there to make a buck, or fame, they are out there to make a statement. They are all making their statement in a different way.That statement made so clear in recent months is simply love America enough to protect. Love her like she was your own child. Be proud, protect, love, learn, guide, teach and discipline. Punishment is not discipline it is a consequence. Stop punishing and starting rebuilding. The best way to honor someone you love is to listen and actually hear them, then give them lift to make it happen. Their reaction will be to mimic yours and thus the world becomes a better place.

So I ask you when is the last time you showed your family, your community, your state, and your country that you loved them. Did you shed a tear when that little boy down the street learned to walk again, when that young woman overcame obstacles to graduate high school, when your young neighbor came home from the war, when you saw a young father at the park with his child, when you received help from an overworked nurse who was kind anyway, when you saw the flag flying high, when you watched an old man beat cancer, when you saw a family gathering for their reunion. There are so many things we love and enjoy but don’t realize we risk losing by being too busy to stop and breathe.

Dennis Michael Lynch is making a tremendous effort to educate the Nation on protecting our borders. Chris Cox went to Washington, DC to mow the lawns no one else would. Senator Ted Cruz is standing ground and making a very vocal appearance in the Senate. These are just a few people working on the large scale. We can help motivate them, inspire them and pray for their safety and success. Even while we are in our “sphere” we can affect theirs and we work together and we make the world go around.

Lay it all out at God’s feet and listen to Him and He will tell you what He tells me…”love your neighbor.” Love is not and adjective…it is a verb. Go love, go act, go spread the news.


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