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A new outlook for a new day!!! :) take 2


as you have all ready guessed my bipolar is the forefront of everything i do and say…sometimes i can not control it, only because i refuse to be so heavily medicated that i am not alive any more…lately i have found myself drawn into some very stressful agenda’s, problems, issues whatever you want to call them…they have been messing with my head and writing…so i trashed them and then He spoke to my heart again…i deleted the rest of that original message because i believe God wants them back and in truth so do i

i love the ability to trash a post and get it back within 30 days…i tried to shut myself up and be someone i am not, i must speak my heart. that is surely why you keep coming back. i would not do justice to my self or my God if i didn’t share everything i think He lays on my heart.

i may not hear exactly what God says and get it right, but i do hear God and if He doesn’t like what i say He will tell me, just like telling me to fix this mess

i listen, i thank you for following and i apologize for waffling, so i am back and fighting tough, fight with me if you want too, there are other blogs that say other things but i must say my own thoughts

God bless you whether you follow me, read my thoughts, share my wisdom or if you choose not too, just be blessed because i know beyond all doubt that He loves you too

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