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the train


this is a portion of a letter i wrote yesterday after making my decision on joining an online church, since i am pretty much shut-in. a part of it became profound to me, especially since knowing all along, all these years ago i wrote the railroad tracks of life poem…and so here it all comes together


I do not strive to be perfect but to grow toward perfection, why would I need Christ if I was all ready perfect and everything was ok?  I need to be growing.  I write to return thankfulness to Him.  He has literally, physically come like a white night and used a man of God, the voice of God, and the hands of God in miracles to save me for what I believe is this purpose.  I need to share Him, if you know anything about bipolar…there is an endless cycle of thoughts, it is me giving Him the engine, letting Him be the Engineer of the train of thoughts and eventually written words.  If you know anything about trains, you know the Engine is at the beginning pulling the train, but if you look the longer the train is you will find another Engine at the end pushing.  Isn’t it even more remarkable to see a train running down the tracks with an Engine in the center of the train?  It is even more awesome that some have several engines at both ends of the train?  That is who He is…the Alpha, the Omega and the Beta (I guess you would call it), the center.


let the train keep rolling Lord

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