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Book Review:


As an avid reader, I have found several series of books that just create a sense of awe in me. The author is able to make me curious and enlightened and even proactive. I have read “puff” books, even some “questionable” to my faith books. I read sci-fi and I absolutely love it. I read crime dramas, mystery’s, autobiographies, Christian/faith based books, love stories, fantasy novels…just about anything except intense horror and outright pornography. I also avoid poetry, it sounds crazy, but it is very, very easy to take someone else’s words and I never want to do that. I find myself drawn to non-fiction books on animals and birds. I like books with lots of photography, that captures so many thoughts in one picture. I love biographies, learning about people and their journey is one thing, but seeing how other’s interpret that life and its impact is very eye opening, how better to see if you actually delivered on your life commitment. So I want to share with you some of my favorite authors, books and series; that I hope you will check out as well.

All of these books will be posted like my “seeds” as their own category. I want them to be set apart and not lost in the collection of my writings.

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