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from a very special friend Rusty Rimes posted 11/26/2013


Why do we show sympathy to someone with a cold, but scorn those with illness of the mind? They deserve as much respect as anyone, and my friend Crystal is one beautiful soul, with great love and caring, who I respect very much for the suffering from her internal battles.
Internal Battles
I have a friend
who’s so sweet and kind,
which quietly suffers
from a troublesome mind.
There is a name,
it’s Mentally Ill,
for some types of which
they have many pills.

But when you are messing
with some persons brain,
often the risks
outweighs the gain.
The problem is not
their danger to men,
but mankind’s ignorance
in dealing with them.
Show understanding,
compassion will do,
you just might learn
how much they teach you.


From → My Life, Poetry

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