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obamacare is a nightmare…controlling your doctor, your hospital, your pharmacy and the medications you are allowed and the procedures and life saving measures that are covered, there are so many pages that very few people have read the entirety of it

obamacare is a tax and it is not free, there are fines if you don’t comply, there is a tax whether you are covered or not, there are procedures you are forced to cover that you would never need yourself and then there is the deductible

by the time you get the deductible paid off along with your monthly insurance fee it will be a new year and you start all over again, just like car insurance

many relatively healthy people would not even “use” their doctor enough in one year to amount to the deductible, i have heard some friends say their deductibles are $6,000.00

there are also the charges and fees that employers must comply with or be fined, and would it be more ‘profitable’ to a small business to higher fewer workers rather than pay an additional yearly fee, which in some cases amounts to $5,000.00?

the current “law” that wasn’t even processed through congress fairly or legally started out at around 2,500 pages, after being passed today 3 years later 10,000 pages have been added

who would sign a contract of 100 pages with out reading it? this is how the bill got through congress, “we will find out what’s in it later” that is almost a direct quote

that being said it did make it through congress and the senate and the president signed his signature bill into law

who would sign any contract no matter how long, that the very next day had pages added, regulations and restrictions on where or how or why you want the product or service and, 3 years later would you be happy that the contract now has 10,000 additional pages…no business man, no homeowner, no movie star, no one would sign that contract

except the mob…why is our congress? who is the mob? why are they pushing so hard to do this? if you dont care about all the other glitches and demands in obamacare this alone should outrage you

it is not even the bill that got passed in congress no matter how illegally it was done…no one in their right mind signs that contract

you can and should contact your senators and house representatives both state and federal and tell them you don’t want this “contract” that has been taken out on your life and your child’s life…imagine your beautiful 20 year old son, has this “free” insurance which will cost him for the next 40 and will have even more “pages” added it to it, pages are being added daily

go to or to find your federal representatives and their phone numbers, it may be a hassle but the phone call works better

go to your state homepage to find your state representatives, there is a link to your state at

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