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Peace is from God: Accept to Attain


Peace, you need peace in your life

The only peace is God

You must accept Christ

There is no other peace

You can not attain it

You must accept it


If you attain it, you can destroy it

You can lose it

Someone else can destroy it

It can bankrupt

It will bankrupt


His is the only love

You say your love is powerful

You look in biological child’s eyes and say

I did that, I created that

They are the epitome of love

Then look in your adopted child’s eyes

They too are the epitome of love

Created by someone else’s seed


God loves you

He created you out of nothing

The perfection is you are not “of” Him

The perfection is you are “from” Him

Only Christ has His “seed”

He is the only ever


You are one He made

With His hands

He created you

You can change physically

Even mentally

But it takes Him to finish you


When you die where will you go

Back to the earth

But the Gift of Him is eternal life

Which can only be built, by Him and His love

You can only find it in Christ, by His Holy Spirit

His 4th Gift


There are 7 Gifts

1st Gift – His image, you are made in His image

2nd Gift – your life, you are given life

3rd Gift – His Son, Christ’s birth, life, death and resurrection

4th Gift – His Spirit given to maintain you

5th Gift – the Rapture, the first gathering of believers

6th Gift – the 2nd Coming, the second gathering

7th Gift – the final judgment, the last gathering, your time of perfection


When Christ’s sacrifice becomes your eternal future

Even then you will still be His creation

But you will have the same reward as Christ Himself

Christ said He to goes to the Father

His Father gave Him power to judge

Christ kept that as God’s power

Because He wanted us to have all of Himself


To that end He had to go back to the beginning

On this earth there is One to be with you now

To be your peace

The be the best of you on earth

The Holy Spirit, the essence of God

The Gift from Christ


Knowing this is faith

Having this is hope

Knowing it is coming is your hope

Accepting is love

It becomes yours because He loves you

And God does and He does freely

Because The Son does


Enough to give His body

To give His physical blood

and death

and resurrection

Enough to give you His Spirit

Enough to give you His Perfection

Enough to give you a place with Him

At His Father’s table, forever in heaven

Enough to write your name in the book of life


Enough to give you the power

To live your best life

To live your remaining life with His Spirit

To guide you home back to His side

All of this is faith, hope and love

We have hope and faith

Because of His love

His love is “the greatest of these”


Faith and hope are products of His love

Just as you are a product of His hands

The only “seed” God ever used of His own was Christ

You must have Christ

You must have His “Seed”

You can only get this, attain this

Through Christ giving it

He gives it freely

And when you accept this Gift

You begin to grow closer to Him


He wants you to use all of His Gifts

He wants you to do the things He does

To be like Him, to do as He did

Physically we do this by choosing not to sin

sin distracts us from knowing His will

and His providence

knowing that what you do

Will amount to something

when you help give the Gift to someone else

When you give that gift of yourself back to Him


And it becomes a beacon

And the fruit of His Goodness flows through you

When the Goodness flows from you

When the Gifts of His Spirit work in you

When you share it with someone else

Then you will amount to something

Then and only then, you will attain peace



1. to reach, achieve, or accomplish; gain; obtain: to attain one’s goals.
2. to come to or arrive at, esp. after some labor or tedium; reach

accept take or receive (something offered); receive with approval or favor: to accept a present; to accept a proposal.
2. to agree or consent to; accede to: to accept a treaty; to accept an apology.
3. to respond or answer affirmatively to: to accept an invitation.
4. to undertake the responsibility, duties, honors, etc., of: to accept the office of president.
5. to receive or admit formally, as to a college or club.
6. to accommodate or reconcile oneself to: to accept the situation.
7. to regard as true or sound; believe: to accept a claim; to accept Catholicism.
8. to regard as normal, suitable, or usual.
9. to receive as to meaning; understand.
10. acknowledge, by signature, as calling for payment, and thus to agree to pay, as a draft.
11. (in a deliberative body) to receive as an adequate performance of the duty with which an officer or a committee has been charged; receive for further action: The report of the committee was accepted.
12. to receive or contain (something attached, inserted, etc.): This socket won’t accept a three-pronged plug.
13. to receive (a transplanted organ or tissue) without adverse reaction. Cf. reject (def. 7).


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