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We Need A Revival of Morality


We need a REVIVAL, even my own life there has begun a great reckoning and time of enough is enough. There are MANY MANY OTHER SINS than homosexuality, that have always plagued the entertainment industry and now our homes…it is time to say no, no more adultery, no more fornication, no more glorifying the choice to abort a child, no more sex before marriage, no more swearing every other word, no more taking God’s name in vain, no more picturing witchcraft as okay, there will be more debauchery to come and the sins will just get more egregious to the point of amorality where is just no moral left. NO more, NO more…

People need to wake up, we need a revival, a full revival…Yes I have had my own revival, my own reckoning. I have found myself recently turning off tv shows that do this, turning off shows with foul language – really do you want that coming out of your or your child’s mouth, turning off music that is all about carousing, even on facebook, so many pictures of sexual innuendo and swearing….we have to fight back or they will take everything…’The Fosters’ ‘Vampire Diaries’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ are just a few shows that glorify homosexuality, sexual activity between teenagers, adultery. It’s in comic books, cartoons, songs on the radio, books, in advertising, everywhere you look, and you will say to yourself but they are so good at dealing with other things. So make your comments about how to get it back to being about the good things and removing the immoral values that are portrayed.

The end of addiction is one no at a time, and it is very hard in some places. You will find that when you start to recognize where things are going wrong, how other little habits feed into that acceptance of others. It won’t be a one time clean up, it will be a constant fight, but it will be worth it. It is also in politics and we have to fight it at every turn, it has gone on for too long.

Fight back by not buying their merchandise, not buying tickets to their concerts, not watching or paying to watch their movies, and also watching the good ones, building up the ones with moral values and commenting on it so they know it’s the moral values that matter to you…in the 1950’s moral values and family values started taking a downward spiral, with tv, then music, then drugs, then all manner of evil greater and greater and look at America now – their first target is teenagers, and young children can’t wait to be teenagers, and 20 somethings wish they were teenagers and had the freedom to just goof off and so it goes from there…

Yes there are things that are okay, that are not wrong in themselves but taking it to an addiction level is wrong and the only way to combat that for some is total avoidance and for others the Holy Spirit and the physical Church keeping them true…

PRAY FOR A REVIVAL and MAKE IT HAPPEN – we have the power if we work together to turn it around. I say make it happen because we are the ones allowing it, and we can say NO NO NO NO more. We can’t quit when a little bit changes, we have to go to the finish line.

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