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seed: you can learn from anyone


Seed: you can learn from anyone

I had the sweetest dream about my Momma last night. About how whenever she got some type of crafty thing or plant thing into her hands she had to immediately start taking it apart to see how it was made so she could do it too, she wasn’t very good in school, but she was very, very good at being self taught…miss you momma and I hope to be like that too. In the dream I brought her a work of crochet that was an X stitch (which I have never seen before) and as soon as she saw it she started working it out. I just smiled, even in the dream I smiled. I was kind of worried it would come apart because it was part of a secret to the theme of the dream. But, I remembered she always got it back together again…love dreams like that.

The seed is, you can learn from the people in your life, even the ones you are not “close to” and the ones who hurt you the most.


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