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Blog update 02-09-2014


I have been struggling a lot with depression lately. When I go through times like this I usually end up with my head in a book to find a release from my own reality. So I have many books I am going to post reviews on in the next week. I have to relocate them as I tend to remove them from the kindle when I finish so I don’t click on it to read it twice.

Some of the books are faith based. I have been growing a lot spiritually and I find myself drawn to books about other’s faith, their lives and journeys. I have also been reading the Bible intensely, so I have a new energy in discovering what I really believe about some of today’s struggles. I have also been noticing and reading a lot about the end of time. About the 2nd Coming of Christ and how I should make ready. Because of this I have found myself being stressed out and needing “down time.” Which leads me to read more fiction and fantasy books.

I hope I can interest you in some of them. I may even go back and reread a few myself. The Bible based non-fiction have left me with many questions. I have faith that God will help me find my answers.

One of the great flaws of my owning a kindle is that it allows me to read a lot of the 1st books in a series. I simply can not afford to purchase books, so I download the free ones from Amazon. Often times I found myself wanting to read the follow up books. I will have to search the library in the future for a few of the ones I really enjoyed.


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