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Book Review: Allegory by Robby Charters


The story of a young man who wakes up in another realm as his younger self before he experienced life “jolts.” A jolt is when something happens to change your faith in humanity for good or for bad. It is a story about how people start out the same in life and add color to their lives by their actions. In the story he wakes up naked, but not in a sexual way, in a spiritual way. He is hungry and can only eat when he gives part of himself away for the good of his new friend Becky and others he meets a long the way. As the story progresses he revisits the “jolts” of his life and has the chance to see them from another perspective and see how his choices caused specific results. He meets others from his own life and finds out how his choices and their choices interacted. In the end he finds out the love of God is what propels humanity forward. The quest in the other realm is to get as close to the light as possible and know when its time to enter the city. The city is Heaven. He has to go forward in order to go back and save a lost friend. He reawakens in his old body and has the chance to make different choices. Some of the things that occurred because of his choices the first time still have not happened so he has a chance to change the outcome. He has the chance to include Christ in all his future choices.

The story is about how letting Jesus direct our path, and including Him in our choices affects other people and can assist them in reaching Him in their own lives.

Some of my favorite quotes:

“I used to have the recipe backwards. What you need is a cup full of generosity, and add to that, a pinch of wisdom. I used to mix in a whole cup of “wisdom” for every small pinch of generosity.”

“The sun here isn’t really a normal star at all, is it! Says Becky. “It is a star,” says Linda. “The name of it is “Mercy.” It’s new every morning.” … “The star is still named “Mercy”, they say. But sometimes it’s a severe mercy and sometimes more pleasant, but either way, it’s still God’s mercy.” … “Aaron says that’s because each roof grabs a different aspect of God’s mercy.” … “The sun’s name is “mercy”, and it is sent to them every day from God’s presence. After depositing its energy on this outer perimeter area all day, there’s just enough left for these here.”

“I’ve been see’n you as my ticket to the good life. I’ve been see’n everyone like that. The ones I keep as friends are the ones I know might get something from if I’m good to ‘em, and the ones who aren’t any use to me, I just dump – like Reverand Tony’s right. I’m nothing but a leach.”

“A part of advancing in the Kingdom is knowing how to receive from those younger and less mature than yourself. Everyone can have a part to play in your life.”

“His hug feels just like the sunrise did this morning.”

“Recognising sin is not judgment. It begins with the fear of the Lord. If you fear God, and you see one you love committing sin; you fear for that person, and warn them with the intention of restoring them; that isn’t judging. It’s restoration.”

“I realise now what happened when I looked down. I lost my focus on Him and on others. Looking at the black hole put my focus on me – so intensely on me it was depressing. I’m only supposed to see myself in light of Him.”

“Of course you’re not worthy. I’m not worthy. None of us are. That’s why Yeshua gave His life for us. Now he’s sent us specifically to find you and bring you back.”

“Is there really such a place as Purgatory then?” “Let’s leave that for the theologians to sort out. If I sent you out with all the answers, I’m afraid you’d start a sect. Goodness me! We don’t need another one!”

“Leave it to me to know where the line is. Nobody deserves to be given a second chance for life. All deserve to be down there, in the fire of hell. That’s why this was necessary…” He rolls up his sleeves, and on both of his wrists, I see nail prints! “You – you’re …” “That’s right,” he says. “Now, remember to pay Sam a visit.”


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