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What Love Is


I would just like to clear up all manner of stupidity…love is not sexual preference or a political preference or any kind of tolerance…love just is…if you don’t love you don’t know God, if you limit love you limit God…God is Love and Love is God, it is God’s unbounded love that allowed His Son to choose to save us….no matter what you do with your body or life you still have love, God is everywhere and unlimited…yes, He wants to save you and yes, He wants you to be holy, but that does not mean His love isn’t for all of us….Why would Christ die if it wasn’t His love for the Father that He chose out of that great love to become our perfect sacrifice? We just need to accept it, and be the fulfillment of it. I hope that clears up the world’s perception that you are not loving if you don’t like something someone else says or does, at least this is my truth, I cannot judge, I must be the fulfillment of His love as much as possible so all the world can see His love around them and choose it. We must spread the love to fulfill the great commission. It is the world who has polluted the word love into sex…sex is not love.



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  1. kp152 permalink

    I understand. It’s a logical argument.
    1. If you don’t love you don’t know God.
    2. Only real, true, Conservative Christians know God.
    Therefore, only real, true Conservative Christians can love.

    • I think non-believers love also, just not as fully. I can only hope Christians will show the true love.

  2. Very well said!

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