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public service announcement: recycle


NOTICE TO ALL WHO DONT WANT THEIR IDENTITY STOLEN, do not throw your checkbooks in the trash whole, use a shredder. if you cannot afford one, go to the post office and put the papers (without staples) into a paper recycle bin…

i found 3 packets from someone’s checking account on the side of the road today. the ones with address, phone number, and check balance on them, they were duplicate copy checks…i could have used that information to buy anything over the internet. i could have lifted the signature. i could visit you at your home. i could call you up on the telephone…i even know how much you spend on groceries yesterday.

i tore out the staples and put them in the recycle bin at the post office, because the last time i tried to “return” something of value, they thought i stole it and there is no thank you anymore which is a very sad state of affairs.

seeing how that was someone’s $500 iphone, which was still active, you can see this is not a joke.

“This is Paul Harvey, Good day”  lol

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