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Blog update: 3/17/2014 bell tolls


I am being woken up in the middle of the night, by bells. This has happened 3 times in just the past week. There is no specific time when the bell sounds. The sounds are very loud, as if I was sitting right beside the ringer.

I sleep in the bedroom, with the door closed. I cannot hear when Bree comes in with her key.

There was an occurrence of the alarm clock going off during a very frightening dream – actually I was under attack by Satan. He was attacking me and cutting holes in my body. I doubt I will ever forget the eyes, there were none. He didn’t even have eyes, they were just dark patches. Suffice it to be a strange dream. The moment it started to get “scary” the alarm went off. The entire dream was intense, but just when it was about to go too far, the alarm went off. It was 4:30 am, not even a time for the alarm to have gone off for Bree to get ready for school.

Sometimes, it is the sound of a phone ringing. Every time it happens, I get up and checked the door or the phone. No one is ever at the door and there has never even been a “missed call” alert on the phone deck. The sounds are very loud, there is no missing them.

The landlord has entered the apartment twice while I was sleeping. She rang the bell, entered the apartment, opened and shut doors in the apartment, and I never heard her come in. I have tested the doorbell and the phone. I cannot hear them while I am awake, so I doubt I would hear them while sleeping.

This has only been going on since the first of January 2014.

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