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seed: flower


Jenny tells Amy, “Mark gave me a flower out of the blue”.

When you say, “He gave me a flower.” Truly, he gave you a rose. He reached in among the thorns just to get it for you. Something soft and tender, with petals that feel like peach skin. It has a distinct scent. The color has its own meaning. It is tall and proud and no one’s going to bother with it. It starts with a bud and begins to open up, to surrender its beauty. He did not give you a flower. He gave you a message.

The seed for the giver: What message are you sending? I like you? I love you? I want more of you? I’m sorry? Is it, you are worth the effort? Is it something else you want to say?

The seed for the receiver: What is he really saying? Does it mean what I think it means?

The seed is: No, a rose by any other name is not as sweet.

jessy rose1

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