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seed: i’m sorry


A true apology carries no excuses and casts no blame. You should simply admit that you were wrong. You should not try to rationalize why you did this thing that was wrong. You should accept the blame unto yourself. Then you should move to correction, repentance and renewal.

There should never be self-pity, anger, blame, excuses or name calling. It is what it is, you messed up. Now it is your chance to make amends. It will be hard and possibly you won’t be forgiven, but you have to try.

the seed is: make a full and heartfelt admission

the seed is: there should be no next-time, if there is, you did not really accept your responsibility and accountability

the seed is: think twice about what you do and say

the seed is: make the time to find out why you let yourself do this sorry thing and commit to changing

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