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Blog update: 4-2-2014


I have been revisiting the early days of triggering for bipolar. I have realized how twisted things became, how horrifying some of my actions were. I have made some decisions about helping those who were around my life at the time. Helping them to understand where I was coming from. I believe it opened their eyes to see that I really wasn’t going around willy-nilly trying to destroy everyone and everything. It is my hope that they ask any questions still left in their hearts. I want them to find peace as I have.

There were many little steps leading up to the big, sometimes wrong, choices I made. It is my hope that they will finally understand why. And perhaps find it in their hearts to forgive me.

My blog is moving, as if it were living, in a new direction. No more rehashing, no more names, no more explanations, it is simply time to talk about now. My life is not perfect and the past will have to heal itself, I don’t want to live there any longer.

I still have some poetry from that time which I will share some. I want to move into new writings, thoughts, and ideas. I am somewhat anxious as to what there is to write about now, but if I was ever a writer at all, it should still bear fruit, and if it doesn’t that’s okay too. Many things are happening so I believe there is enough substance to create.

Thank you for following my journey. I still have a lot of wisdom and insight to share; it will just come in a different form. I am tired of reliving details. I find it more acceptable to speak in general.

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