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20 hours


I watched a DIY video in March and it talked about teaching yourself new skills in only 20 hours. The man behind the idea used the process to teach himself how to play the ukulele in 20 hours. The main objective is to get yourself to keep the commitment of 20 hours. Because learning anything has motivation hurdles; 3 or 4 hours in to learning something new and you realize just how little you know about the subject, and you are horrible at it. Give yourself the gift of hanging with it for at least 20 hours. I had some beginning piano lessons in my time at the Florida Sheriffs Girl’s Villa so I decided to apply my own “20 hours” to remembering that skill. I have been practicing for a solid month. I am training myself on a keyboard. It has a softer touch than a piano but the one I use has a setting for traditional piano sound, so I have been using that.

I can play songs, I know the stanza structures, I know some chords and I get music out. I have a lot to learn, I am still just a beginner, but the 20 hour trick is to decide you want to learn this new “skill” to a certain point, and when you have spent the time and achieved that goal, then decide if you want to keep learning. For me, I chose to learn to play the piano and play some of my favorite hymns. From here, I need to decided if I want to apply another 20 hours to learning the use of the left hand, learning advanced music, learning to possibly write music.

I decided to keep practicing and I find playing the hymns very prayerful. I have no desire to be a concert pianist, or even to play in public. I find that the keyboard has a nice voice and I lost my singing voice to scratchiness years ago. Don’t ask me how, it just happened one day that the sound coming out wasn’t as lovely as it used to be. God doesn’t mind that my voice isn’t as sweet as it used to be. The love behind it is what is sweet. Playing and singing together opens me up somehow.

I also sometimes write songs or poems that could be songs so now I will keep that in mind.


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