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the new door



i lay in slumber and close my eyes

there is a hallway with many doors

some look as if they have never been open

some just a bit worn

one door is almost worn through

the floorboards are molded to my feet

the grain is smooth from past use

i reach my hand to go through and

find it pushes open with the slightest touch

i know these walls

i know this room

i pull back just in time

it almost sweeps me in again

i am going to the next door this time

my pulse quickens

my breath drowns me

i reach for the knob and my arm stiffens

i suck in a new breath and give it a turn

my heart is thumping in my ears

sweat beads on my neck

the knob is cool in my warm fingers

i take a deep breath

i pray as i turn


From → Faith, My Life, Poetry

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