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Think Before You Curse


Curse words, profanity, are attention seeking and used to shock other people. They are control words – people using them are trying to control the response they get from someone else. You say it to get someone else to look at you, to hear your viewpoint and express anger with it. Profanity is a curse on someone else’s judgment.

Using it so frequently suggests a very unhappy soul. Making it a habit limits your vocabulary. In a sense, you are cursing your own life. What do you do to your mate when every other word is a curse? Your communication is cut short. You are limiting how you bless them.

I wonder how many friendships and relationships could be saved and renewed by simply removing the constant curse. How many marriages are jeopardized everyday because it is first nature to curse instead of bless?

The Bible admonishes us to bless our friends and enemies. Love thy neighbor is the central belief of Christ. We are not loving them if we greet them with curses. Romans 12:14 Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.

The problem with profanity is that it is so commonplace that we don’t even realize the danger of it anymore.

Mom used to tell me when I said a curse word, “the devil is riding your tongue.” She was right.

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