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The Age of the Earth


I keep coming back to this myself and now that the Blaze is all over the story of Pat Robertson telling his view and stirring up trouble amongst Christians about the time of creation, I would just like to give my opinion.

I used to be so sure that everything happened in 7 days, which I would defend it very strongly. Then I started to consider the things that are found in the earth, like relics, like mummies. Of course, that led to dinosaurs. I became confused and frustrated, how could I put all these things into the original picture.

My first husband and I talked about it and he said some people believe the 7 days of creation may have been periods of time. That makes sense, until you remember that God doesn’t change. What He said yesterday still goes today.

Then it just occurred to me, out of the blue. Adam was not a baby, he was never grown in the womb, and he was never a child. Eve was never grown in the womb either. If God could choose to make them already in progress, why not the earth? It is what makes sense to me. There would have been “yesterdays” that could have included the remembrance of dinosaurs, primitive species and other beings that He also created. The important thing to remember is that it was created, no matter how old it was, at the same time, during the 7 days of creation. However, this revelation does not suggest evolution of species. I do not believe there was any man, in God’s image, before Adam.

The story of creation is found in Genesis chapters 1-3.

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