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blogpost 07-18-2014


God is not a genie

A lot of people have been asking questions about God lately. “Why did He do this?” “Why won’t He answer?” “Is He real?” “What does He want from me?” Even, “I asked, but He didn’t answer”. Of course, there is also the question about being homosexual.

All of this questioning means people are still searching which is great. It also leads to falseness. I feel they want to put God in a bottle or box and store Him away just for when they think they are in trouble. God is not a genie in a bottle. You cannot hide Him away. You cannot expect Him to be available only on your terms. YOU CANNOT DEFINE GOD.

He is just THERE, He just IS. The rules and commandments He gave so long ago define who He wants you to try to be. People were continually failing that, so He came Himself to help. He came; Jesus Christ came to be the bridge back to Him. He went one-step further and gave His Holy Spirit to us, to hold our hand as we cross over the bridge, and to keep us steady until the final hour. Earth will not be our final destination; we are being prepped for an eternity with the God of creation, the God of the universe and all other universes, and God of things we can never know in this lifetime.

I believe His answer to most questions is, “Hold on to Me, I am with you”. He answered many other questions when He gave His Word to us. Sometimes, the answer is simply wait and you will see.

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