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Poem for Klondike Facebook game


Ode to Silent Shadow


Silent Shadow, my love so sweet,

I come to you upon swift running feet.


You stand so pretty in daylight’s meadow

My breath is gone, where did it go?


The truest gold vein leads to your heart

Silent Shadow, will you be my better part?


The rainbow sparkles in your eyes

Silent Shadow when I look at you my heart sighs.


I kneel before you now, at your feet

Silent Shadow please join me, make my life complete.


You are prettier than the bluest tulips I have seen.

Silent Shadow will you accept this ring of aquamarine?


I want to climb the tallest rare fir tree and sing it to the world.

The banner of our love, the rest of our lives unfurled.


We will make our life, right here in Klondike,

In Aery, in Wind’s Song, Ukhty, where ever you like.


I will build you a house with an attic or a wigwam,

Or a cabin is fine too; it will be home because of you.


We’ll put a white gazebo right over there, with rose bushes,

Tulips and jasmine, and a love bench just under that Cypress tree.


We’ll make a little stone path that leads to an orange mailbox,

Or maybe blue, and trim it with camomiles, that my love, is up to you.


We will have some chickens, turkeys, sheep, and pigs,

And a barn over there for the dogs and rigs.


When our little Inuits come, one by one, they’ll love it too,

Silent Shadow, I only want this life with you.


We will climb the sequoias, swim in the rivers, and mine the gold,

We will watch the eagles fly as the story we unfold.


So you see, Silent Shadow, I have thought this through.

There is no sunrise in Klondike without you.


Take this ring, my love, I am humbly asking,

Make my gold rush dreams come true.


…..yay, i won the contest!!!

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