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all about me

i am a Christian, i believe love is the answer to doing God’s will, i am saved, i have been redeemed, i have been baptized and i commune with God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus always

i am a mother of 4 children; 2 boys, ben and josh, and 2 girls, jessica and breanna, and i am waiting patiently to be a grandma; i have brown/gray hair, i am 5’6 tall, i have green eyes, one of which turns blue, i weigh 185 pounds, but i am working on that

i grew up in the orange groves of florida, a dairy farm in minnesota, a huge garden in iowa and spent over 20 years watching my children grow, like the wheat fields  in indiana, i now live in south carolina by one of my sister’s

i have created this blog as an outlet for my writing. i am a survivor of many things. i am like a dandelion. you can stomp on a dandelion and tomorrow it will be up again. you can uproot a dandelion, but never quite get it all, so it grows back. short of poisoning it, it won’t die. when it dies, it doesn’t go away, the seeds fly and start again. dandelions are survivors and i am a dandelion, hear me roar, when i die my seeds will be the wisdom i leave behind

i am not materialistic, i rarely shop, i like to buy things on sale, and i refuse to buy clothes until i lose weight, but it’s going on 4 years and i really need new clothes, i do however love socks – they were a rarity in childhood so now they are my delight; in truth i don’t even own a couch, my tv doesn’t get a signal, my truck doesn’t move but it is insured, i consider myself blessed to have a washing machine and dryer; my computer is my friend and link to the world; i used to hoard stuffed animals, craft supplies and books and trinkets, but now i live in a tiny apartment and had to let all of that go. i used to keep all of my children’s projects and keepsakes from school, but alas i had to leave them – so i took a picture of everyone of them and kept some from each child, including one of their very first baby outfits

in school i loved and studied: missions, theology, business, accounting, piano, reading, creative writing, wood shop, art, and computers; i had a grade point average of 3.5 and higher and was chosen for Who’s Who in college and National Honor Society in high school

i like to just lay around the house, watch movies, read, write, chat on face book, i love hearing what my friends are up to, i love to lay in the grass and watch the stars, drive and travel, family, pictures – taking and looking at, i love nature, one of my favorite things is dandelions, i really love watching young people and children sing their hearts out and just be crazy

i had 2 very special animals, my first pet was a siamese/tabby cat named honey, and my momma’s black chihuahua named baby, which i got when she died

i would love to own a little house with lots of windows, with no carpet, a couch, 2 bedrooms with some dressers, and a nice yard with a small garden, and have a pets again

i really want a souped up van, that acts like an rv, so i can travel and visit my family which is all over the USA, my children are all grown now so i want to be able to visit them

i love America, i wish the people’s voice was actually heard and made a difference in congress, i wish that nothing could be added or taken away from the Constitution without a populous vote – not to take away from congress but changing the Constitution is such a big deal to all of us, i wish that our congressional and official leaders were held accountable for their actions just as any other citizen, i wish there was an easier way to communicate with every elected official – when you go to their sites you have to jumped through hoops just to get their address

i am totally against abortion for any reason; i hate bullying, i want peace, i want hungry people fed, homeless people housed, sick people healed, elderly and veterans to be cherished; and children given a good, effective and truthful education, including college; i want the people to care and be active in their community, i want soldiers, teachers, cops and firemen to be accountable, reliable, trustworthy and treated with dignity, including a pay check that matches their importance to society, there are truly poor and mentally ill people who do need taken care of and i believe if they want that care they should be accountable and take a drug test to prove their sincerity

i am manic depressive, i stay medicated, i have 2 main triggers that set me off to crazy anger, one is someone hurting my child or any child, the other is someone calling me crazy – i am not crazy, i am not stupid, i am not ignorant, i can not do many things in public because of an anxiety disorder but i am not a harm to anyone else and i won’t be treated like that

i am constantly learning, reading, writing and analyzing the world around me, i am a consummate prolific thinker, i love astronomy, i love birds, i love all animals, i love autobiographies, i love to debate – but i have to be careful not  to over do it

i will give the shirt off my back if i think you need it or if you ask, i will bend over backwards to help you if i can, i will always listen and try to help in any way i can, if you are not careful i just may find a solution and hold you accountable to do it, or i won’t give you my wisdom or advice any more

i love most food, i really love pork, probably because i was almost run down by a 900 pound sow when i was 10, meat lover’s pizza, fried chicken, pasta, salad, steak, fresh fruit and vegetables, mountain dew, lemon aid, ice cold water, ice cold skim milk, burritos, tacos, shrimp and lemon peppered fish, i love watermelon and pineapple, i hate hot tea, i hate coffee, i hate liver, i absolutely can’t stand brussels sprouts or spinach unless the raw spinach is in a salad then i will eat it

 i believe everything comes down to being love, giving love, doing loving things, having love. God is love, but love is not a god, it is His gift, love is the God we live.

  1. I love dandelions. I am also manic depressive and have been on medication for the past twenty-five years. My triggers have to do with being abandoned as a baby. Thanks for visiting my blog at: ~ Blessings, Dennis

    • thank you Dennis for visiting and commenting, i hope we can share our seeds of wisdom, thank you for your blessings

  2. Hey there Crystal! Just tuned in…glad I found your blog, it looks fun. Gave you a follow; if you’d like to return the favor, come and enjoy my world at, and tell me what you think! I think you’ll like my latest post, it’s all about prayer. Have a great day 🙂

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