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family pictures

this is me, at 8 and today

Me at 8


these are my nieces Sophia and Gracie

Me & My Neices

i had this tattoo done with 2 B’s and 2 J’s for my kids, because i just wanted to, but also we have a lot of alzheimer’s in our family and when i get old it will be there and i will ask everyone, what in the world is that bug on there for and then they will tell me why, i cover it with a watch

My Tattoo of All Four of Them

this is me with each of my children when they were very young




Me & Baby Joshua


Me & Jessica


Me & Breanna

this is the very first picture of them together


All Four of Them

All Four of Them

All four of them

All of us

All Four of Them

this is my little Ben

Baby Benjamin   Baby Benjamin

this is my baby Josh

Baby Joshua                  Baby Joshua

these 2 are Josh lovin on Jessy (his baby) and asleep eating chips

Joshua & Baby Jessica    Joshua fell asleep eating chips

this is our precious rose jessica


jessy and bree

Jessica & Breanna

this is Jessy kissing her Joshy

              Jessica kissing Joshua

this is baby Bree

Baby Breanna

for the love of breanna

where love is shared



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